Lions Lions at the Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest on 2011-05-14

Brandon belts out a scream

Brandon belts out a scream

Post-hardcore outfit Lions Lions was unequivocally one of my favorite sets at the Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest 2011 earlier this month. Their entire set oozed stage presence, an intense connection with their singing fans, and the fact that they simply were overjoyed to be performing. And as for that last part, it’s absolutely true. After their set, I hung out with the guys for an hour or so and they were all down to earth and so excited to be playing the Fest; out of all of them, Van seems to be the real jokester of the bunch. During their set, there were so many jumps and so much running around, you would think these guys were marathon runners in their off time, it was nearly non-stop the entire time. This had to be one of the best performances I have seen this year and truth be told, I am eager for them to come back, regardless of whether I am shooting them or not. If you have not checked out their latest release The Path We Take, I highly recommend that you do, it’s full of emotion and up-beat tempos. And if there’s a Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest 2012, I surely hope they will be on the bill.

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  1. […] am extremely pleased with all the results but two sets I am especially happy with are for the bands Lions Lions and Remembering Never. I stylized these sets very differently than I do the rest of my live work […]

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